Spring Eye Care Tips For Colored Lens Wearers


The sun is shining, flowers are finally in bloom and the temperature is on the rise: so far, so good. However, spring brings new challenges for your eyes, especially when you're a contact lens wearer. Following months of lockdown and restrictions, we’re more eager than ever to get outside and embrace nature. And, as a result, we’re bound to experience an increase in hay fever symptoms. So, I'll give you some tips to make the most of the prettiest season of the year with healthy and clear vision.


Hay fever season makes thorough cleaning a must to remove traces of pollen which might trigger hay fever symptoms. After being outside in high pollen levels, wash your clothes on a high temperature, as pollen can get trapped within clothing fibres. Also, regular hand washing doesn't only protect you from COVID-19, it helps avoid rubbing pollen into your eyes or nose by mistake. Adding a pack of Vision Direct Soap Sheets to your collection of key eye care items means that you can keep up your hand hygiene wherever you are.


A frequent clean of bedding, carpets and surfaces offers extra protection for your eyes and sinuses, keeping you safe from pollen particles which may be hidden in surfaces or material fibres. It might be a good idea to wear a protective mask while cleaning, if you've got one, and pair it with your contact lenses to prevent any fogginess. But it's not only you that might be carrying pollen into your home: be sure to wash and brush your pets regularly after walks, to make sure they’re pollen-free and don't ruin your cuddles!


Anti-allergy eye drops are also great - but check whether they’re suitable to use with contact lenses. For some, you may need to apply them and wait a few minutes before putting in your lenses. If you have tried eye drops but your eyes are still irritating you, just take your lenses out and give your eyes a break.


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