It Has Pretty Colors and Has Various Colors Lensme Holaris Monthly Lenses


The "Lensme Holoris Monthly Lenses" comes in eight colors, with three concepts: Overfit, Asianfit, and Europefit.


Holoris Overfit was released in G.DIA at 13.5. However, it is a size that can be done naturally without burden. It also combines soft colors with three color touches to create bright eyes.

Holoris 3 Color Ginger Brown/ holoris color mild gray/ Holoris 3 Color Mousse Choco / Holoris Blossom Pink


Holoris Asianfit blends naturally with the eyes and lenses. Soft and soft colors brighten your eyes while creating a soft and innocent look.

Holoris Asianfit Ginger Brown / Holoris Asianfit Mild Gray / Holoris Black / Holoris Mousse Choco


Holoris Europe creates exotic eyes. The Europefit features pretty graphics and natural eyes. It is a color lens that expresses various eyes depending on the melanin pigment in the iris to enhance the realism of the pupils.

Holoris Europefit Indi Ocean Blue / Holoris Europefit Sand Beige Brown / Holoris Europefit Satin Ash Gray


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