What Are Some Ways Summer Vacation Contact Lenses Wearers Can Protect Our Eyes?


How to take care of your eyes in summer

Sunscreen or hat preparation will be a must to avoid prolonged UV exposure. However, not many people recognize that the most vulnerable area to ultraviolet light is the eye.

Our eyes need to be careful because prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause serious eye diseases such as corneal burns, cataracts, and macular degeneration. In particular, people wearing contact lenses need special attention not only when exposed to ultraviolet rays but also when playing in the water at the beach or river.

You should be careful when swimming with contact lenses on during the summer, as seawater or river water accumulates between the lens and the eyes, increasing the possibility of infection and inflammation, and causing various eye diseases. Contact lens-related corneal inflammation often causes bacterial infections and can have fatal consequences such as corneal ulcers in a short time, so the lens wearer must pay attention to thorough contact lens disinfection and management after playing in the water. If you have symptoms of congestion, tears, or foreign paint shortly after wearing the lens, you must stop wearing it immediately, and if there is no improvement in the symptoms, you must consult with the eye doctor to avoid serious complications.

What are some ways holiday contact lenses wearers can protect my eyes from corneal inflammation?
As the number of people wearing contact lenses and color lenses for beauty purposes increases, the risk of water play in summer is increasing significantly. If you are forced to play in the water with lenses on, one way is to use disposable contact lenses that are thrown away after wearing them for a day. It is also most important to wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs in your hands, and to exchange lens storage fluids every day. Also, lenses are often stored in the bathroom, which requires caution in storing because mold bacteria grow well in humid conditions during the summer.

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For exciting water sports and fun summer holidays this summer, lens wearers should pay special attention to contact lens management and eye health for safe eyes.

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