Olens' New BlackPink F/W Color Lense



In the photo, Jennie showed off her chic charm by wearing 'Scandi Gray'. 'Scandi', which was released earlier this year, is a lens that changes only the eye color exotically with a small size of 11.9mm and a realistic iris graphic. In recent years, Jennie is known as a lens she likes to wear in stage activities, and it is getting word of mouth as #Jennielens on SNS.


Lisa matched neat eye makeup and 'Spanish Circle Gray' to create a deep and bright look. In particular, it harmonized with the subtle color makeup of 'Spanish Circle Gray' to reveal the mood of autumn and winter, and at the same time emphasized Lisa's unique atmosphere.


The product Jisoo wore is 'ViViring Brown', also known as 'Jisoolens'. Jisoo wore 'ViViring Brown' and caught the eye with a more romantic, glowing visual. 'ViViring Brown's unique milk tea light cream beige color and clear circle ring make Jisoo's delicate and lovely charm stand out.


Rose showed off her alluring charm by wearing 'Scandi Olive'. 'Scandi Olive' is a subtle color blended with tone-down green and gold-colored iris graphics, and harmonized with Rose's light purple hair, creating a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere.

 Photo : Olen official SNS

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