Color Lenses That BTS Mainly Wears and Likes.


Each of them wears colored lenses that match them well, making their powerful performances and songs shine even more.

Jimin - BTS Jimin mainly uses gray colored contact lenses to make her beautiful eyes more beautiful and shiny.

JungKook - The color lens used by Jungkook-BTS Jungkook is a color lens with a brown tone ! Jungkook's pupils are larger than others, so no matter what color lens he wears, his eyes are very beautiful.

V - BTS V likes green, so he often uses green color contact lenses, but he has a very handsome face, so no matter what color lens he wears, he creates beautiful eyes.

Suga - Suga doesn't wear colored lenses often, but sometimes he wears brown colored contact lenses to highlight his small eyes, making his eyes look beautiful.


RM - RM, who has poor eyesight, always wears colored lenses, and no matter what color lenses he wears, he makes him more beautiful with his cool hair color and cool dance.

Jhope - Wearing gray color contact lenses, J-hope makes the splendid dance and his fabulous rap stand out more.

 Photo : BTS official SNS

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